Rosacea What is Rosacea? How to treat Rosacea? By Lizzy Winship
August 09, 2019

Rosacea What is Rosacea? How to treat Rosacea? By Lizzy Winship

By Pure Skin Team
Rosacea has had therapists & doctors puzzled for years. A condition that is unfortunately at this stage not curable but becoming as common as the likes of eczema & psoriasis.
However praise the skin gods for us therapists are working towards treatments & products that help to calm and dispel Rosacea skin worries! ??
Have no fear we have your back!
What is Rosacea or Acne Rosacea? 
Rosacea is a skin condition that primarily affects the face causing inflammation in the surface blood vessels of the skin. When inflamed these blood vessels present with a flushing redness to the face. Usually it will appear on the cheeks, forehead, nose and even in some cases the chin area. Acne Rosacea will often appear the same with tiny yellowish in colour pimples, however will leave no scarring unlike traditional acne forms. Rosacea is NOT a contagious skin condition & without adequate treatment can sometimes result in permanent cheek flushing.
What can you do to avoid irritation? 
  • avoid overly hot showers. Rosacea can often be sensitive to temperature resulting in flushing.
  • Avoid overheating in bed at night
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol (unless a couple of glasses of red, for the antioxidants of course)
  • Avoid excessive amounts of tea & coffee as they act as stimulants due to their caffeine content
  • Be mindful that stress & anxiety may also worsen symptoms
The treatment options:
IPL Acne light therapy– Intense Pulsed Light works to rejuvenate the skin with light based wave lengths that specifically target irregularities within the skin to promote a clearer complexion. IPL can reduce red spots, broken capillaries & Rosacea to create a more even skin tone in an effective fast manner.
LED light therapy– Will help to reduce the inflammation within the skin & blood vessels, flush toxins from the body and may even shrink those little broken red vessels, induce a healing response within the skin & reduce that dry/tight or stinging sensation in the skin.
Product– OCosmedics Stem Cell & EGFbooster works to support the skins structure by reducing inflammation and redness in the skin. Unique in its biomimetic peptide complex, it helps to increase cell to cell communication.Think of this serum as wrapping your skin in bubble wrap. As skin is often dry for Rosacea sufferers this serum contains olive oil & hyaluronic acid which absorbs straight into the skin cells providing optimal hydration & does not leave an oily residue.
Environ Colostrum gel– contains Bovine colostrum for ultimate skin nutrition and soothing properties. Lavender aids in the calming process within the skin helping to reduce over all redness & the appearance of break outs associated with Rosacea.
All of the above recommendations have proven to be effective in the management of Rosacea.
All of the above recommendations have had proven results but please keep in mind it is always best to consult your Pure Skin & Laser Therapy therapist for more information & tailored treatment plans.