Steps To Your Best Tan Yet by Lizzy Winship
October 25, 2019

Steps To Your Best Tan Yet by Lizzy Winship

By Pure Skin Team

The longer I am in the industry the more I love a good spray tan. However sometimes finding the right product can be a challenge! Whilst there is nothing more that I love than a nice natural tan in summer (and my clients know that’s the truth!) what I don’t love is the harsh effect it has on my skin & the potential for harm. Reef oil & leather skin is so 10 years ago & healthy glowing skin in so 2018.

The best thing a gal can do is educate herself on steps to prep & the best products available because there is nothing worse than having your skin as your Halloween costume lol. There are a variety of colour based tans designed to match your skin & eliminate unwanted tones.  

Step 1 – Exfoliate 
Exfoliating away dead skin is the best way to ensure that your tan will go on evenly & smooth. Nothing worse than a patchy tan!
Step 2 – Protect
On areas that are usually drier naturally such as your elbows, apply a very small thin amount of moisturiser to ensure there is no excess tan build during application (if having a spray tan your therapist will do this for you).
*avoid perfume, deodorant & body moisturiser right before your tan. Clean skin is ideal*
Step 3 – Hydrate
Staying nice & hydrated prior & during your tan will ensure you get the most time out of your bronze glow as possible. It’s important to drink at least 2 litres of water & moisturise your skin morning & night. Tan extenders can also be used.

What to choose 
While most base tans will produce a gorgeous colour it’s important to remember that some will suit you better than others.
Green Based – Ideal for skins that have a yellowish skin tone or those that naturally develop tans during warmer months. Produces a nice bronze/olive colour. Think eating pizza & drinking prosecco on the Amalfi coast.
Violet Based – Ideal for those that throw a pinky purple skin tone & develop very little to no colour naturally. Imagine sipping cocktails while the sun sets in the Bahamas.
Oil Based – Mixed in colour base, oil Based tans combine unique blends of oils for deep hydration & nourishment. Great for dry or irritated skins. Provides that sun kissed glow that you want getting out of that villa pool in Bali.

At Pure Skin we offer a variety of tans & bases suited to all skin types, tones & occasions. Say bye bye to carrot stick fingers & hello to your best tanned self! From sweat proof to bridal to chocolate goddess we have you covered. And that’s not even the best part – your white sheets can remain white with advanced technology, meaning your tan will be so rapidly develop, you’ll be tanned before you’ve even arrived in Port Douglas!
For more info, chat to one of our therapists or book in for a tan consultation/ appointment.