The impact of iso and stress on your skin
May 21, 2020

The impact of iso and stress on your skin

By Pure Skin Team

Is isolation making your skin a little cray cray?

During periods of anxiety, stress & uncertainty it is very normal to experience changes in your skin. COVID-19 has left a lot of us with changes in lifestyle, emotional well-being & finances.

Stress can influence our skin in many ways but primarily it increases our bodies inflammation response. It can present itself as skin dryness, flakiness, red & angry & can cause flare ups in skin conditions such as Rosacea & eczema.

On top of this we are heading in to cooler weather here in Melbourne & being home more means the heating is on more. Thus leading to dehydrated & dry skin.

Below we have put together some of our favourite products from our ranges that will aid in the nourishment & repair of your skin.

O Cosmedics Comfort Cream $111 – With a nickname of ‘TLC in a jar’ comfort cream does just that, it comforts the skin. Rich in omegas 3,6 & 9 this rich cream repairs & nourishes the skin whilst fighting anti ageing concerns with luxurious antioxidants.

O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil Balm $81– Perfect for a mature skin types needing that extra nourishment. This balmy product contains a unique blend of vitamins & oils to seal in skin hydration.

Environ Vita-complex Super Moisturiser $68 – A soft light weight moisturiser that contains a dynamic combination of moisture binders to repair skin barrier function & restore skins optimal hydration levels. This skin saviour also fights off free radical damage in the skin, anti ageing bonus!

Dr. Spiller Sanvita Cream $128– A comforting skin hero! Like wrapping the skin in bubble wrap, Sanvita cream biomimetically replicates the skins natural skin barrier function & hydration levels that can be damaged from environmental stressors. It contains green tea & ginseng to soothe & reduce redness in the skin.

At Pure Skin we are offering FREE online skin consultations if you feel like you need some more info or have another concern, please contact us!

May 2020 blog written by Liz Winship