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Smart in design, super sophisticated in formulation
and loaded with actives.
O COSMEDICS Smart Serum is an intelligent,
multifaceted anti-aging and rejuvenating serum
that evens out skin tone, stimulates optimum cell
activity, reduces expression lines, increases skin
firming and lifting, rebalances compromised skin and ultimately supports skin health and skin youth.

Perfect for travel when you’re saving on space, ideal for the those looking to save time; one application – 12 clinical actives and a skintellectual’s skin dream

TWELVE Clinical Actives in their Functional Dose:
1. Stay C 50: Advanced Topical Vitamin C, collagen
synthesis, even skin tone, skin radiance.
2. Niacinamide: Active Vitamin B3, reduces
pigmentation, enhances skin immunity.
3. Hydroviton Plus: Intense, long-term hydration.
4. SK-Influx: A skin-identical synergistic lipid
concentrate that provides moisturisation, anti-
aging, anti-wrinkle, skin repair benefits.
5. SpecPed Whiten-1: Inhibit melanin production
at the source.
6. AO 3: Reduces expression wrinkles through a
Botulinum Toxin-like mechanism of action.
7. Sirtalice: Award-winning, revolutionary instant
lifting and a V-reshape of face contours in only
30 minutes.
8. Symglucan: Relieves sensitive and stressed,
itchy, irritated, inflamed, red and cracked skin.
9. Canadian Willowherb: Multifunctional active,
strong antibacterial activity on P. acnes and an
anti-irritant to reduce redness.
10. Lipochroman: Triple protection antioxidant from
reactive species (ROS, RNS, RCS), evens out skin
11. Pomegranate Enzyme: Gently exfoliates the skin, promotes skin radiance and even tone.
12. ACB Fruit Mix: Enhanced exfoliation leading
to improved cellular proliferation and
a fresher, brighter complexion. Increases rate of cellular renewal and decreases appearance of wrinkles.